Repairs to buildings either residential or commercial turn out to be the most complicated of jobs as it entails working with not only occupants but also numerous services such as Electricals, HVAC, Plumbing etc.

A building may require the repairs to its external envelope which is designed and constructed to keep the vagaries of nature at bay or the rehabilitation of concrete either for durability or structural strengthening purposes.

Structural Specialities has a vast experience in handling numerous types of building structures.We use the latest methods and materials to provide solutions to a wide range of problems. Our skills are not limited to concrete, we also offer solutions for the repair and strengthening of steel framed buildings.

Structural Specialities has experience of working in various kinds of buildings:
  • Residential / Hostels
  • Commercial / Office
  • Hospitals / Hotels
  • Educational / Research
Services Offered:
  • Structural Repairs & Rehabilitation
  • Structural Strengthening & Retrofitting
  • Waterproofing & Coatings
  • Corrosion Mitigation