Services we provide


Repairs & Strengthening

Surface repair replaces defective, damaged or deteriorated concrete, restores structural function, protects itself or underlying concrete from aggressive environments and restores any lost performance requirements. Once the outward signs of structural problem have been observed, the next step is crucial: to identify the underlying cause. Any decision to repair and repair strategy should never be based solely on effect; it should always arise from the analysis of the cause. A solid understanding of the root cause will help determine whether the observable defects actually warrants a repair. The need for strengthening may arise from deterioration, change in use, change in design code, structural defects and seismic conditions. Structural Specialties utilizes the latest technologies to develop innovative strategies to restore or add load carrying capacities to bridges, buildings, silos, industrial plants, Water retaining structures.


New construction

With years of experience in handling repairs and strengthening of critical Building structures, Structural specialties has diversified the services and emerged the division of Construction. SSPI has emerged as Construction Contractors exercising the engineering skills with construction of various types of buildings viz. Residential / Commercial / institutional buildings, Industrial Structures, IT Park, Ware house Structures, etc. Structural Specialties & Projects (India) Pvt. Ltd., has developed a team of well experienced construction professional Engineers to proficiently and successfully complete the projects in a timely manner with utmost quality and safety standard.