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There are a few conventional solutions for structural strengthening in the industry. However, one of the latest strengthening technologies used for flexural, shear or confinement strengthening for reinforced concrete structural members is Carbon Fibre Wrapping system. This system used by Structural Specialities & Projects (SSPIPL) has a very high tensile strength and the biggest advantage is, it’s light weight. It ensures minimum disturbance to the structural members as compared to other conventional methods. When bonded to the exterior of a concrete column, beam or slab, it can add significant strength without adding weight that would otherwise increase the load on foundations and other structural members. Using carbon wrapping for columns, reinforcing bars in new concrete can eliminate potential corrosion problems and substantially increase a member’s structural strength & longevity. Carbon fibre wrapping resists corrosion; hence they are also used for corrosion mitigation.

The system consists of Carbon fibre that is made of thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon that is used to strengthen the material. Carbon fibre can be as thin as a strand of human hair and gets its strength when twisted together like yarn. It is woven together to form cloth. To create any permanent shape, carbon fibre can be laid over a mould and coated in resin or plastic.

There are several advantages of this Carbon fibre wrapping system :

  •  This system provides tensile strength to concrete & increases load carrying capacity
  •  It offers high chemical resistance & low thermal expansion
  •  It is temperature tolerant to excessive heat
  •  Restoration of damages of RCC structures
  •  Elimination of corrosion problems
  •  Effective in bending and shear
  •  Protection from environment elements
  •  Repair or prevent seismic damage
  •  Repair or prevent seismic damage
  •  Replace damaged or missing reinforcing steel

Carbon Fibre wrapping system works best on structural members like slabs, piers, timber piles, docks, dams, bridges, beams, commercial piping, shaft foundations, pile foundations, seawalls, cement columns where corrosion is high & strength required is enormous.

Problem / What is at stake?

As the structures get weak over time, there are scores of reasons and ways to strengthen it or its members. The need of strengthening can arise due to decreased performance owing to fatigue / change of use / increased loading or required modifications. Carbon Fibre Wrapping System can be applied in single or multiple layers depending on the level of strengthening required or increased structural capacity to be achieved. The resin enables the transfer of stresses between the fibres and has the added functionality of protecting the fibres within the wrap.

Our Expertise / How SSPIPL can help you?

Carbon Fibre Wrapping isn’t suitable for every strengthening project, hence we, at SSPIPL, custom design wrapping systems for each project and application. This system is usually a mix of carbon or glass fibre fabrics and an epoxy resin for enough strength.

Structural Specialities & Projects (SSPIPL) is a leading specialist contractor working at a national level & has successfully completed major projects in various cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Raipur, Gandhinagar, Lucknow, Patna, Ranchi, Gangtok, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Shimla & Srinagar. SSPIPL has also worked in remotest of places in various states of India.

SSPIPL has worked with Government bodies & several well-known Corporates such as Tata Motors Ltd., Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd. (Times of India), Siemens Limited, Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation, Sterlite Technologies Limited, Bombay Hospital Trust, Uttar Pradesh Rajkiya Nirman Nigam Limited, Watson Pharma, Lubrizol India Private limited, Nagpur Improvement Trust, Mumbai Port Trust, Axis Bank, Consulate General of the federal republic of Germany Mumbai, Peninsula Land Limited, ACC Limited (ACC Cement), Larsen and Toubro and many others.

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