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Problem / What is at stake?

Every RCC building and structure is designed for a specific type of loading and different types of environments. Hence after some time, these structures need periodic maintenance and strengthening. Hence it is essential to restore the strength of concrete structures by assessing and restoring damages and defects. Different defects might occur, but one common problem is cracks and delamination of the concrete. The requirement herein is the structural strengthening with epoxy grouting. It is used for sealing the cracks, open joints, voids, or honeycombs, in concrete or masonry structural members. This is done under pressure with a grout material that cures in place to produce the desired results like restoring structural integrity, preventing water ingress and sealing the crack. Most common adhesive for this type of repair are Epoxy and Methacrylate resins.

Specialised grouting pumps are deployed for this. If the need be, compressed air is also up to get the desired results.

SSPIPL are well experienced in the structural repair of cracks by way of epoxy grouting. SSPIPL is a preferred installer/applicator for most of the largest resin suppliers in India and we are continually referred to clients and authorities requiring the highest standards.

Low viscosity epoxy crack injection & repair is used as a structural crack repair method. SSPI has the necessary equipment and expertise to inject grouts using proven systems which allows us to ensure the crack/void is repaired to clients’ requirements. SSPI typically uses these systems on bridges, reservoirs, roads, tunnels, floor and post-tension slabs and any other structural members.

The injection is typically used on horizontal, vertical, and overhead cracks where other conventional repair methods are cost-prohibitive. Prior to proceeding with a crack repair by epoxy injection, the cause of the crack and the need for a structural repair must be determined. If the crack does not compromise the structural integrity of the structure, injection with polyurethane grouts or other non-structural materials may be a more suitable choice to fill the crack (i.e., Leaking, flexing etc.). When a structural repair is required, conditions that cause the crack must be corrected prior to proceeding with the epoxy grouting. If the structural crack is damp and cannot be dried out, a moisture tolerant resin must be considered. Alternatively, if the crack is non-structural, a low viscosity polyurethane hydrophilic resin would achieve the best result.

PU Injection grouting is necessary for the following purposes:

  •  To restore damaged concrete surfaces
  •  To waterproof and strengthen tunnel linings/structures
  •  To avoid seepage of water in stone masonries
  •  Settlement of foundation
  •  Repair and retrofit unreinforced masonry

Key benefits of epoxy injection grouting

  •  Epoxy grouting is preferred owing to its quick setting and very low viscosity shrinkage.
  •  The epoxy grouting method acts as an excellent adhesive and has high strength.
  •  The low viscosity of the epoxy injection grouting protects the formation of hairline cracks and provides good resistance to most chemicals.
  •  Epoxy grouting is a waterproof method and is also known to be entirely stain-resistant.
  •  Epoxy injection grouting helps in filling and bonding cracked concrete.
  •  Epoxy grouting act as structural support in areas where a grouting solution is required and where dynamic load resistance is required.

Our Expertise / How SSPI can help you?

At SSPI we are approved applicators for a range of high-quality resin injection materials suitable for all eventualities so we are able to select the most suitable products for specific circumstances. In water sealant situations these are often water-reactive (hydrophobic polyurethane) which penetrate into the cracks, react with the free water and set, thus stopping further water ingress. The crack injection can be carried out using hand pumps, or specialist high-pressure pumps.

Crack injection is more of an art than a science and should ideally be done under experienced supervision, but the chances of the effectiveness can be improved by selecting the correct materials, using the correct plant and ensuring the operators carrying out the works are trained in their use.

SSPIPL is skilled in all types of grouting to concrete structures and underneath base plates using cementitious materials. With SSPI you can be confident that we have access to the best plant, materials and personnel to deliver a successful project using our own skilled tradesmen and equipment plant.

SSPIPL offers its service in a wide range of application fields, like:

  •  All kinds of injection by use of cementitious, acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy and silicate resin for waterproofing of underground structures (e.g., tunnels, caverns, shafts, dams, etc.) against moisture and pressurized water
  •  Field injection, compartment injection in connection with waterproof lining systems
  •  Crack Sealing and Concrete Rehabilitation
  •  Ground consolidation and stabilization
  •  Water stopping, Water sealing and permeation
  •  Cavity Filling
  •  Under the baseplates

SSPIPL has worked with several well-known names such as Tata Motors, Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd. (Times of India), Siemens Limited, Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation, Sterlite Technologies Limited, Bombay Hospital Trust, Uttar Pradesh Rajkiya Nirman Nigam Limited, Tata Motors Limited, Watson Pharma, Lubrizol India Private limited, Nagpur Improvement Trust, Mumbai Port Trust, Axis Bank, Consulate General of the federal republic of Germany Mumbai, Peninsula Land Limited, ACC Limited (ACC Cement), Larsen and Toubro and many others.

SSPIPL is a leading specialist contractor that has undertaken & successfully completed major projects in all major cities of India. SSPIPL can cater to cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chhattisgarh, Raipur, Gandhinagar, Lucknow, Patna, Ranchi, Gangtok, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Shimla & Srinagar.

Epoxy Grouting

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