Our Policies


Quality Policy

SSPL is committed to achieving quality. Our aim is to become a leader in our field by providing clients with a high standard of work conforming to contract specifications, with a clear focus on achieving client and employee satisfaction

The Quality Management System at SSPL has been developed, implemented and is maintained in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. We are committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System

SSPL has established the following measurable quality objectives:

  • Ensure we understand our client's requirements and that these requirements are satisfied to the best of our ability.
  • Ensure effective and efficient delivery of our services to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.
  • Ensure we provide cost effective solutions to our clients.
  • Ensure that activities engaged by the company are conducted safely for employees, subcontractors and visitors to maximize performance.
  • Ensure we provide our clients with high quality work, conforming to the contract specifications, Building Regulations and Industry Best Practice

Safety Policy

SSPL views safety and general welfare of all their staff and workmen as the cornerstone of their overall policy towards their employees who are the real assets of the company.

SSPL is therefore committed to safeguarding the Health and Safety of its employees as well as third parties who carry out work for or on behalf of the company.

SSPL hereby covenants that the minimum Health and Safety Standards are those set out by National and International legislation or codes of practice. Through a process of self-improvement and training we will meet and exceed the above standards thus ensuring the best practice in the Industry.

Health and Safety can only be achieved with the cooperation of all the employees and thus each individual employee has a personal responsibility to comply and adhere to the company’s Safety objective and related directives.

Environmental Policy

As a responsible corporate citizen, SSPL is committed to the cause of conservation of the environment and has made environmental protection a priority through:

  • Continually improving environmental performance of our process & product and ensuring prevention of pollution at each stage.
  • Strictly complying with the applicable environmental legislations & standards.
  • Ensuring effective use of resources in the areas of energy, fuels, oils, paints, chemicals, water, etc.
  • Reducing and recycling waste and packaging materials. Encouraging the usage of environment-friendly technologies to aid elimination of hazardous materials.
  • Promoting the cause of environmental presentation amongst employees & other stakeholders by including sensitivity to the environmental concerns.

We communicate this policy to all our employees and would make it available to all interested parties and general public.

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